About OCEF

Established in 1989, the Oldham County Educational Foundation (OCEF) exists to foster business and community support for the Oldham County Public Schools. OCEF was formed through a cooperative effort between the Oldham County Board of Education and the Oldham County Chamber of Commerce, and supports the educational mission of the Oldham County Board of Education by providing monetary support for educational programs not fully funded through the district budget.

OCEF supports Oldham County SchoolsOver the past seven school years, OCEF has funded over $400,000 worth of program and facility enhancements. Through grants and donations, including the Pyramid Awards, OCEF directly supports teachers across the district in their educational mission to improve instruction and foster student engagement.

OCEF also has a unique partnership with the Oldham County Schools Arts Center that allows the Center to enhance the arts education and program exposure to the students. Another ongoing funding priority is the district's Gifted and Talented Educational Services program.

Oldham County currently ranks 173rd out of 174 school districts in general fund revenue received from the state budget. This equates to $6,700 per pupil, while the state average is currently at $8,000 per pupil. OCEF's support of our schools allows the district to offset this financial hardship and provide additional revenues to enhance the instructional experience of our students.  Through your continued support, OCEF is able to fullfill its mission to enhance educational experiences of Oldham County Public School students.

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