$26,000 in classroom grants awarded through 2017 OCEF Pyramid Awards

The Oldham County Educational Foundation (OCEF) announced the recipients of the 2016-17 Pyramid Awards, a cornerstone grant program that has awarded more than $300,000 to more than 470 teachers since the inception of the program. This year, 29 proposals were selected for funding and more than $26,000 will be distributed to teachers throughout the district. The goal of the program is to support teachers in implementing innovative and engaging curricular projects. The recipients represent 14 of the schools in the district, including the preschool and the Arvin Educational Center. The winning teachers will be recognized at receptions at their home schools over the next few weeks.

This year’s winners are as follows:

-Stephen Drawbaugh, Arvin Education Center, “Wind Tunnel Construction/Airfoil Testing”
-Kevin Puckett, Buckner Elementary, “The Breakout Challenge”
-Carrie Sweeney, Centerfield Elementary, “Puppet Power: Retelling Stories and Reading with Expression”
-Rebecca Broughton, Centerfield Elementary, “Precious Time”
-Ashley Harrington, Centerfield, Elementary, “Active Bodies, Active Minds”
-Anika Hoglen, Crestwood Elementary, “Literacy Across the Curriculum”
-Jennifer Downey Jansing, Harmony Elementary, “Seating for Special Learners”
-Karen Clark, Harmony Elementary, “Wonders of Coding”
-Lauri Pytko, Kenwood Station, “Literacy Links – Breaking Barriers and Building Literacy Engagement Across Home and School”
-Paula Moore, Kenwood Station, “Answers for Anxiety and Stress Management”
-Melinda Hadley and Andie Marx, La Grange Elementary, “Fictionista BFFs Book Club”
-Cara Caudill, La Grange Elementary, “Engaging Readers Toolkit”
-Nikki Snow, La Grange Elementary, “GoZen!”
-Karrie Diffenderfer, Locust Grove Elementary, “Building of Minds at Hand”
-Cristy McMahan, North Oldham High School, “Science Olympiad Competition Resources”
-Lori Lubker, North Oldham High School, “Forensic Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber”
-Ryan Lykins and Meredith Grace, North Oldham High School, “Moving Away from the Sedentary, Secondary Classroom”
-Jennifer Terry and Sharon Jacobs, North Oldham Middle School, “Breakout of Math”
-Kerri Hammons, North Oldham Middle School, “Pedal to Proficient Performance”
-Jennifer Hallas, Oldham County Middle School, “Reading Independence for All”
-Ashley Sakie, Oldham County Middle School, “The Boiler Room…Where STEAM Happens”
-Jessica Erickson, Oldham County Middle School, “I can do Math, 2!”
-Beth Weber, Oldham County Middle School, “Differentiation in the Co-Teaching Classroom using Chromebooks”
-Sarah Whitt and Julie Sibley, Oldham County Preschool, “Sounds like Success!”
-Jacqueline Bryan, South Oldham High School, “Digital Art: Creating in the 21st Century”
-Judy Culver, South Oldham High School, “Reading is Essential”
-Dr. Charles L. Bentley, South Oldham High School, “Rotational Inertia Wireless Dynamic Sensor System”
-Jacob Kommer, South Oldham Middle School, “ReFocus: Using Movement to Increase Attention”
-Margo Atcher, South Oldham Middle School, “21st Century Skills/Language Learning through Technology”



OCEF announces historical year

clayheadshotIt was an exciting year for the Oldham County Educational Foundation — with a renewed focus on fundraising efforts, we greatly increased the amount of support we were able to provide to Oldham County Schools. 

Our board of directors also dedicated countless hours to updating our strategic plan, including revising our vision and mission. 

Our mission is to raise funds to elevate the public education experience for Oldham County Schools students. As a nonprofit, we do this through the support of individuals, businesses, charitable and civic organizations.

Simply put, OCEF exists to elevate the educational experience in Oldham County Schools. 

And we tasked ourselves with a goal: increase our revenues to $500,000 a year by 2020.

During 2014-15, our focus remained on five key initiatives: our Pyramid Awards for innovative classroom instruction, the OCS Arts Center, gifted and talented education services, literacy intervention and initiatives, and STEM programs (science, technology, engineering and math). You can read more about several of those initiatives on the next page.

OCEF also sponsored a student showcase for OCS Arts Center performers and hosted our annual Drive a Ford fundraiser — with the largest attendance yet!

Students also had opportunities to participate in the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens sculpture show and Project Graduation thanks to funding from OCEF.

We are excited about the year ahead because we know OCEF can accomplish great things — but only with your help. Please consider volunteering with one of our committees or making a donation today. Help us elevate the educational experience in OCS! 

Click here for our annual report!Click here for our annual report!

— Clay Jones, President, OCEF


Shakespeare and Star Wars?

South Oldham High School teacher Adam Watson connects Star Wars and learning.  His innovative idea earned him a Pyramid Award in 2014.  His work has been published on the website "Star Wars In the Classroom".