OCEF Annual Report

Our twenty-two (22) Board of Directors are divided into four (4) committees and worked during the 12/13 school year through this committee structure to accomplish the Foundation's goals of supporting the school district teachers and students. The four (4) committees are Marketing & Public Relations, Strategic & Long Range Planning, Awards & Recognitions, and Fundraising. Resulting outcomes of the Committee work this year are as follows:

  • Marketing & Public Relations – The goal continues to be to increase community awareness of and participation in OCEF initiatives to support the school district. OCEF maintains an active website and a two-page promotional flyer is updated annually to be used during presentations and public relations opportunities. The committee seeks opportunities for OCEF board members to visit and present this information at civic clubs and throughout the community.
  • Strategic & Long Range Planning – This committee annually leads the Foundation Board through a budget planning process. The 2012-2013 Foundation budget to support the initiatives mentioned above was $87,215. The 2012-2013 budget is currently under review and will be finalized in August and is expected to be close to $100,000. The committee is also responsible for periodic reviews and updates of the Foundation bylaws and Conflict of Interest Policy.
  • Awards & Recognition Committee – The main task of this committee is to oversee the Pyramid Awards and the recognition of winners at their schools. This committee also takes time annually to review the Pyramid Awards process and to make suggestions for adjustments to the application/award/recognition phases of this program. Committee members also helped plan for and assisted with the Spring Gala reception.
  • Fundraising Committee - This Committee is responsible for leading the Foundation in raising the necessary funds to meet budgetary needs for the following school year. The committee seeks new and practical ways to engage the community in activities which will result in increased funds to support the school district.



$22,407 was distributed among twenty-three (23) teachers this year who received a Pyramid Award. This competitive teacher grant program, after nineteen (19) years continues to be the cornerstone of the various Foundation initiatives. Besides the monetary award for classroom instructional programs, winning teachers receive a marble engraved Pyramid Award and the Foundation goes to each winner's school to honor the recipient with a school wide faculty reception.


$12,500 to support the Artist in Residence Program. Also, OCEF received $2,000 in designated contributions from parents and community members to support various student programs at the Arts Center.


The Foundation provided $12,000 for the G/T program. Funds were used to support high school student leadership development and partial payment of the fee for Renzuli Software Subscriptions for gifted & talented students. The service also provides teachers with a wealth of additional reference and lesson planning resources for regular students as well as those identified in the G/T Program. Some of the funds were also used to support a Fit for Life P.E. Program for high school students to complete outside the regular school day in order for the students to take more rigorous courses during the regular school day colleagues during the next school year.


OCEF provided $2,000 to support several areas of need at the Oldham County Preschool. These funds were used to provide needed teacher training, classroom materials, and technology software and equipment. In December of 2013, Mr. Johnson will work with Principal Carol Hughey to develop a major grant request ($30,000 to $35,000) to the PNC Foundation to support early childhood needs at the Preschool Center over the next two years. If successful, this would raise the annual OCEF budget for 2013-2014 to the $135,000 range.

5. JR. Guard

The Foundation secured a $30,000 grant from the Head Family Trust to provide the startup funds for this county wide military training unit. The funds were used to provide uniforms, air rifles, and military science instructional materials.


  • OCEF SPRING GALA - The Foundation held its third annual Spring Gala on Friday night, April 26th. Harry Pickens provided his usual outstanding jazz numbers, but the highlight of the evening was the performance of numerous students from around the district in the performing arts areas of instrumental and choral music. OCEF provided a desert reception during the performance intermission for invited attendees with an opportunity to meet and talk with the musical performers. The event was paid for by sponsorships provided by individuals and businesses. Invited guests included school staff, school board members, Fiscal Court, past OCEF board members, past donors and prospective new donors. During a break in the performance, a brief promotional overview of the Foundation and its mission was presented to the invited guests.
  • PROJECT GRADUATION – The Foundation assisted the Project Graduation Committee by submitting and obtaining a $4,000 grant from the Peyton Samuel Head Family Trust to help underwrite expenses for Project Graduation
  • SCULPTURE IN THE DELL – For the fifth consecutive year, the Foundation provided $500 to sponsor entries from the Art Departments of our three high schools in Oldham County. This prestigious regional outdoor sculpture event is held locally at Yew Dell Gardens. The sculpture projects are on exhibit for 2 months and are "for sale" to the viewing public. All three (3) Oldham County high schools participated in this year's event. Besides the value of creating an exhibit- quality sculpture, students gain the practical experience of pricing and selling their product in an environment where they are competing with and viewing the sculptures of professional artists.
  • Test Drive a Ford Program – On Saturday, May 11th, OCEF, in cooperation with Ford Motor Company, sponsored a Test Drive a Ford event in the parking lot at OCHS. Over 260 parents, staff, and community members participated by test driving a new Ford during the day which resulted in a $5,020 contribution to OCEF from the Ford Motor Company. These Funds will be used to support the 2013-2014 OCEF budget.
  • Tuition Support for Teachers to Louisville Writing Project – This past May, OCEF provided $3,000 to pay the tuition for three teachers to participate in this summer's Louisville Writing Project training program. These three teachers will be trained and bring the information back to share with their teacher colleagues throughout the next school year.