OCEF Fact Sheet

Oldham County Educational Foundation
Board of Directors Fact Sheet

Current Priorities:
  • Pyramid Awards Teacher Grant Program
  • Initiatives to support school district Gifted & Talented Program
  • Ongoing support for Oldham County Schools Arts Center
  • Provide additional support for the Oldham County Preschool
501(c)(3) status: Yes
Year Established: 1989
Number of Members: 15 - 22
Frequency of Meetings: Monthly
Meeting Times & Dates: Regular Meeting - 7:30 A.M. - third Thursday of the month

Executive Committee Meeting
- 8:00 A.M. - second Tuesday of the month

  1. Pyramid Award Committee
  2. Financial Review Committee
  3. Nominating Committee
  4. Executive Committee
  5. Policy and Procedures Committee
  6. Long Range Planning Committee

Membership Requirements:
  1. Attend monthly meetings
  2. Serve on at least one committee
  3. Participate in a leadership opportunity
  4. Make an annual donation according to one’s means
  5. Identify and solicit additional financial resources for the program priorities of the Oldham County Schools