Oldham County Preschool

preschool-istockThis OCEF initiative is to provide additional resources for the Oldham County Preschool (OCP). The OCP enrolls three (3) and four (4) year old children whose families meet federal Head Start financial levels or families below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines. Also, children in this age range with disabilities (learning, physical, social/emotional, or behavioral) are served in this program. The mission of the OCP program is to provide comprehensive learning and social experiences that prepare these children to enter kindergarten and progress successfully through the school district’s curriculum and learning programs. The OCP annually serves 300+ children at the school center in Buckner. The program ranks near the top of all state preschool programs and consistently meets and exceeds all the rating standards on comprehensive federal and state preschool reviews.

Budget challenges continue to have a negative effect on program services since state funding for preschool programs is inadequate compared to K-12 regular school funding. Oldham County attempts to channel as much local revenue as possible to the OCP program, but the needs of this challenging, diverse group of children often are only partially met. The OCEF has just secured a $35,000 grant from the PNC Foundation to increase services to students by funding additional teacher trainings, classroom materials, and the purchase of technology software & equipment for preschool classrooms. With over 150 disabled children being served at the OCP, a full time nurse is needed to render immediate medical support services, such as feeding tubes maintenance, and brain and heart surgery follow up. This year’s budget does not allow for the employment of a nurse. Your donations could make a powerful difference in meeting the unmet needs of our county’s disadvantaged preschool population.