2010 Pyramid Award Winners

Congratulations to the 16 winners for 2010!

Alison Hafner -- Harmony Elementary School

Project Fairy Tale

Description: Project Fairy Tale incorporates the rich literature and magical characters of fairy tales and fables to teach, model and reinforce social/vocational skills such as conflict resolution strategies. The instructions will be presented in formats including reader’s theater, picture books, eBooks and puppet shows to learn about feelings, emotions and values.


Amy Neal -- LaGrange Elementary School

Bilingual Literacy

Description: In order to facilitate the ability of ELL students and parents to complete reading homework and to foster literacy, eighty to one hundred bilingual books will be purchased. This will help students and parents in elementary schools complete their reading assignments.


Cindi Reedy -- South Oldham High School

Portable, Practical Publication Project

Description: The project will make the current journalism curriculum portable for students and expand the current journalism program to offer students increased areas of journalistic study. Some examples: Technologically updating student knowledge of business aspects, opportunities for scholarships, be able to present at state levels and the development of web-based journalism.


David Wallace -- Goshen Elementary School

America at War in the 20th Century

Description: This project will focus on America’s involvement in the major conflicts of the 20th century. Through inquiry, collaboration with peers, formal research, and product display, the students will demonstrate how World War 1, II, The Korean War, Vietnam, and the first Persian Gulf War impacted the citizens, economy, and armed forces and shaped common history in the 20th century.


Jennifer Terry --North Oldham Middle School

“What’s Next?: A study in Linear and Exponential Relationships

Description: The students explore change over time by using world population data to learn about linear and exponential models. After using guess-and-check strategies, students develop equations to calculate different kinds of growth. A culminating report on the predicted population growth of a country of their choice gives students the opportunity to apply the models to real-world data.


Joe Percefull -- Oldham County Middle School

“A Year in the Life of …”

Description: The students will create a video yearbook of their school year. Students in all three grade levels will organize and gather video clips from all areas of student activities. The students will bring back what they captured at the events to a laptop and learn through sifting through pictures and video to generate a professional looking video.


Kate Nitzken -- South Oldham High School

On Stage Live

Description: This project will provide audio equipment for the Drama I, Drama II and EAD classes who present live productions. The drama classes studying theater design will have a real sound board and the necessary learning tools for all levels of drama. Performers will use microphones; tech students will design sound effects and control the audio board.


Katie Stephens -- Oldham County Middle School

Engineering Motion

Description: Students will have the opportunity to observe, study and modify designs of model rockets and model airplanes. Students will test the effects of the modifications they implement on the motion of the airplane or rocket. Culminating events include tests of the design modifications, recording data and writing an analysis of the results.


Kyle Ray -- North Oldham Middle School/North Oldham High School

Music Education Software Project

Description: The students will use multi-level music education software to engage students of varying levels of experience and learning in the pursuit of music proficiency and excellence. Through the use of games and colorful 3-D graphics, the child is engaged in learning the basics of music terminology and note reading all the way through music composition and arranging.


Laura Coleman -- Centerfield Elementary School

Moving to Learn – Making the Brain/Body Connection

Description: The project will incorporate the SmartMoves DVD series, Brain Gym exercise strategies and Action-Based Learning to improve focus, attention, and retention for students while activating students’ brains for optimal learning.


Paula Moore -- Liberty Elementary

Strengthening Student Character To Optimize School Success

Description: The project is based on a four-tiered approach for strengthening student character and breaking down barriers to learning. School-wide monthly character trait focus, newscast skits, assemblies, grade level classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling on various topics and individual counseling with be used in order to address the needs of students.


Teresa Talbott -- North Oldham Middle School

“Tune In”

Description: Students will choose a role model and gather facts about the person, create an engaging biography with relevant pictures, broadcast the biography on a podcast and create their own follow-up questions using a guided outline. The students will learn how to create coherent and engaging biographies, deliver the biography with clear and dynamic speaking skills, and listen and remember details of oral stories.


Suzanne Raque -- South Oldham High School

The Kite Runner/Middles Eastern Culture Unit

Description: Students will be engaged in learning that centers on practicing thinking strategies, utilizing small group discussion effectively and confronting misconceptions of the Middle East culture. Students work to answer the Essential Question – How can exploring cultural perspectives and universal themes in fiction and non-fictions texts influence my behavior as a citizen and human being?


Steve Rauh -- North Oldham High School

Louisville After High School

Description: Students will visit major corporations and businesses centered in Louisville. Students will learn about internships and employment opportunities available after high school and the economic impact of these corporations and businesses in our community. The students will discover the strengths and beauty of West Louisville. Students will develop cultural awareness.


Sarah Whitt -- Buckner Elementary School

Moving and Grooving:  An Active, Engaging, and Multi-Sensory Approach to Word Study

Description: The project will engage learners through visual, auditory and kinesthetic means. Students will learn the sounds individual and combined letters make through the engaging Phonic Dance chants, accompanied with kinesthetic movements and visual clues.


Steve Ising -- South Oldham High School

Fuel Cell Vehicles

Description: Students will review human contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, especially combustion engine emissions. They will learn how such emissions are highly suspected as contributing to global warming. The students will compare the cost of fossil fuels and how fossil fuel reserves are finite and limited. They will work hands on with a hydrogen powered fuel cell model car.