2009 Pyramid Award Winners

Cathy Meine -- North Oldham High School

Teapots by Teens

Description: The students will learn and perform hand-building techniques to create well-built, functional teapots/cups. During this process we will go through the history and function of teapots.

Susan Vialpando -- Locust Grove Elementary School

Listen to What I Write

Description: The writing process will comprise of five recurring steps, brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Rereading is crucial, and too many students don’t pay attention to it. The students type their piece on a computer, and then using a text to speech translation software program the computer will “read” the writing back to them.

Teresa Talbott -- North Oldham Middle School

Star in Your Dream

Description: Equipped with a green screen and a video camera, students who participate in Star in Your Dream will have unlimited possibility of exploring their own imagination, creating their own story, and performing as the star in their own dream.

Lisa M Sheets -- Liberty Elementary

Using Graphic Novels to Teach Core Content

Description: The main objective is to use graphic novels in small groups to help reinforce the social studies core content, language arts and writing skills being taught to the whole class.

Kelley A Johnstone -- LaGrange Elementary School

“A Conversation with Myself”

The project will allow students the opportunity to use technology to monitor and enhance their own oral reading fluency skills. All participating students will be given an Oral Reading Fluency baseline assessment, in which they read a grade appropriate passage. Based on the data assessment tool, students will use self-selected texts and a handheld recorder/player device to listen to their own reading with the expectation of improving their fluency.

Tangie Kelsey -- Oldham County High School

Workshop Wednesday

Description: To learn science, you must do science. The students will use scientific inquiry and technology to design an investigation to answer questions and solve problems. In designing these experiments, the students will collect, organize and analyze data. They will then use algebraic and analytical methods to indentify and describe patterns and relationships in data to solve problems and predicts results.

Lee Anne Hill -- North Oldham High School

I Read in OC

Description: I Read in OC is an interactive and Internet based reading collaboration among students, teachers and the community. Students will convey their reactions to and analysis of various assigned and self selected texts through video and audio podcasts and news broadcasts. The communities will also have the opportunity to respond to the analyses through and online forum.

Joe Percefull -- Oldham County Middle School

Amigos por Espanol (Friends through Spanish)

Description: The goal with project “Amigos por Espanol” is to offer Spanish courses through the use of the Rosetta Stone program, to some of our most motivated students in the middle schools, and in time, place them with a new student whose first language is Spanish. This will welcome the newcomer.

Joan Thompson -- Oldham County High School

Photography – Picturing the News

Description: A good photo does double duty on a newspaper page. First, it serves as an entry point that captures would-be readers’ attention and draws them to the text. Of equal importance is a photograph’s ability to provide an additional dimension to a story by personifying and giving substance to the people, places and events making the news. This course will demonstrate elements of photo composition to the students.

Robert Fulk -- Buckner Alternative High School

Outdoor Classroom/Recreation Project

Description: The project will encompass the construction of landscaped area in our school courtyard. The area will include benches, flowers, landscaping and shade. It will serve as an informal outdoor classroom, sitting area, and recreation area. The project will be separated into three sections: planning, execution, and reflection.

Allison Connell -- Harmony Elementary

Culture Suitcases

Description: The students will create four collections of art objects and art reproductions representing the Native American, West African, Appalachian, and Colonial American cultures and time periods. Each collection of art objects would be housed in inexpensive suitcases to create a sense of culture immersion as students “travel” to each culture.

Angela L Newcomb -- North Oldham Middle School

Biodiversity 411: From Micro to Macro Life on Earth

Description: In order to fully understand the complexities of the diversity of life on earth, students must synthesize concepts from a variety of biological disciplines, including evolution, anatomy, cellular biology, and taxonomy. Lesson will also focus on effects of human behavior on the deterioration and preservation of biodiversity.

Robyn Morris -- East Oldham Middle

Around the World

Description: By looking at our own American history as well as the history of other cultures, we begin to see how we are influenced daily. The course will include learning beliefs, customs, and how these cultures affect us today.

Paula Moore -- Liberty Elementary

Busting Up Bullying Behaviors

The Busting up Bullying Behaviors project will be implemented as a semester long school-wide initiative to raise student’s awareness and address needs for behavior changes related to the issues of bullying and relational aggression. Students will understand the different roles of students involved in bullying acts: Bully, Bystander, Victim

Steve Rauh -- North Oldham High School

Louisville after High School: A Graduate’s course on the Possibilities

Description: This multi-day seminar course will stimulate our seniors to understand the multitude of opportunities Louisville has to offer in the areas of the Arts, business, entertainment, diversity and historical significance. Students will learn about Louisville through a four-faceted experience over a three day period just prior to graduation.

Keri Polevchak -- South Oldham High School

Science Olympiad: Exploring and Sharing Science through the Community

Description: Oldham County students will form the first Science Olympiad team to compete and represent Oldham County. Students will engage in scientific competitions across the area and state to prepare for the regional, state and national competitions of Science Olympiad showing the strength of science knowledge and application in Oldham County.